About Us

Impact Industry Training PLT and Consultancy Sdn Bhd (IV) and our group of affiliates always striving toward creating impact to the clientele across Asia Pacific that we served. Our mission is to develop the next generation of leaders in the industry by combining Soft-Skill mastery with technical knowledge. We are dedicated to make our workshop interactive and thought provoking, as we believe one have to take ownership on their learning for knowledge transfer to be effect. Further to that, our people is committed to our solution based on consultative and impactful follow up. With that we able to bridge the gap between business, people and crucially performance.
We work closely with our clientele even after sales on designing workshop/consultation/business coaching that able to drive the result that our clientele desired. However, all this can only be achieved with the follow up action by highly accredited consultants and learning advisors. Ensuring quality and unique solution is always been the DNA of our organization.

Furthermore, our solution is based on globally renowned method by our affiliates. In current VUCA business environment, innovation in business and people development is needed, and this is what we always striving for, to create IMPACT to the organizations that we work with.
Impact Industry Training PLT (established on year 2018) is a subsidiary company under impact Volution Training & Consultancy.


To be a world class learning solution provider, and create impact in the industry.


We strive to provide business professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to increase work performance and drive greater return with our learning solution

Integrate latest learning methodology into our solution

Immersive learning - Our platform provides active follow through to drive sustainable learning

We Impact Volution provide comprehensive management solution and workshop to our clientele. We strongly believe in providing solution-based workshop and consulting with Experiential Learning methodology, our program is customized able based on your company vision, mission, strategy and culture. Experiential learning or better known as “ learning through reflection on doing “ is developed by David A. Klob a famous American Educational Theorist stated that effective learning start from enabling participants to have concrete experience on the topic of learning which will bring a Aha moment or moment of sudden realization within the participants.

Next follow by facilitation of reflecting and conceptualise the learning through series of brain storming and tools introduction. The last stage will be Experiment on the concept that developed in the workshop. Impact Volution strongly apply this concept in our services which started from customized able experience of workshop, follow by facilitation by our experienced consultant, follow up after the workshop with the participants and the person that oversee the training, for a hand to hand growth experience with our clientele. We also used globally recognise Psychometric tools to support our clientele growth.
Sustainable Learning and Coaching

We focus on quality of our workshop, and most importantly the follow through session after the workshop to ensure there is sustainability in our learning
Impact X that focuses on Impact in our clientele

Our team of learning advisor which known as ImpactX will focuses on customizing and create unique solution to accommodate on our clientele organization direction, people, and performance
Global Proven Method

Our solutions and follow up action is well  supported by globally known tools to ensure quality